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Short story sale and Yseult rankings

Getting late here in Central Europe, but I’ve got some news before I head off to bed: I sold another short story to Daily Science Fiction today, “The Magician of Words.” It’s an odd little piece, to my way of thinking more like a prose poem than a story proper, but then, the other story I sold to them was based on a poem, so maybe it’s a pattern.

Yseult is doing quite well on its final free promotion, although it doesn’t look like it’s going to break into the top 100 Free Kindle Store overall this time. The best I saw earlier today (before the Amazon US glitch that disappeared all the buy buttons and the rankings for about an hour) was #136. It was also #1 in Arthurian Fantasy, #2 in Historical Fantasy, and #7 in Fantasy overall. It’s still #1 in Arthurian Fantasy, but it’s dropped in all the other rankings, and it’s only free for a few more hours. Ce la vie. Hopefully this will get me a few more sales anyway. 🙂

Last freebie for “Yseult” today and tomorrow, March 26-27

Before I take Yseult out of KDP Select, I’m using up my free days for a final 48 free promotion. KDP Select has been very good for me (at least most of the time), but I won’t know how much I might be selling elsewhere if I don’t at least try. So the beginning of April, I will be putting Yseult up on Smashwords, and fairly soon thereafter it should be available on B&N, iTunes, etc. (assuming I get the formatting right that is, and Smashwords Meatgrinder accepts it!)

So please, if you don’t have my big fat Arthurian fantasy yet, please grab yourself a copy! And if you do have it, pass the word along. It would be nice to see Yseult leave KDP Select with as big of a bang as possible. 🙂

“The Future, Imperfect” FREE for 24 hours!

I have another freebie going on today, my short story collection The Future, Imperfect. Here’s the product description:

“The Future, Imperfect” is a collection of near future, dystopian short stories by Ruth Nestvold. Environmental changes — slow in some regions, catastrophic in others — have had a major effect on our world, not for the better. While water wars and pandemics have devastated the Mediterrean region, and a major earthquake and the resulting destruction of nuclear power plants and sensitive research facilities have made much of California a wasteland, corporate-sponsored enclaves defend themselves from the have-nots. What can any one individual do to make a difference is such a world? These are the stories both of those who tried and those who failed.

Five of the short stories in this collection were previously published in such venues as Asimov’s and Futurismic. “Exit Without Saving” also appeared in Rich Horton’s “Science Fiction 2007: The Best of the Year.” “Killfile” is an original publication.

“The Future, Imperfect,” is a story collection of approximately 40,000 words.

If that sounds interesting, please grab yourself a copy! Believe me, you’ll be doing me a favor. 🙂

P.S. If you have any suggestions for the description, I’d be happy to hear them!

Shooting for the “magic 1000” in ebooks

This has been a pretty successful last couple of months. Starting with my novel Yseult at the beginning of January, I’ve gotten five new ebooks up on Amazon and have editied one more novel, Shadow of Stone, another Arthurian historical fantasy. I’ve booked editing services, and am scheduled to get the novel back on April 27. I’ve also contacted the cover artist who did the cover for Yseult, and it looks like he’ll be able to start working on a cover for the second book in the next couple of weeks. It’s all coming together, and working pretty well, too. Since I started out on this “experiment,” my earnings on ebooks have actually managed to make it into four figures. (That’s total, mind you!)

The other day on the Kindle Boards, I read a thread about getting to 1000 sales, after which everything gets easier. 🙂 That’s not even entirely tongue-in-cheek: supposedly after this point, internal Amazon promotion kicks in more, and the writer doesn’t have to do quite as marketing herself. So I pulled out the spreadsheets for January and February and added in my running counts for this month, and low and behold — I’m over two-thirds of the way there! Since January, I’ve sold 670 ebooks, (that’s paid-sold, not free-sold *g*) and had 131 borrows. So if I keep on plugging and luck does not desert me, I just might make 1000 by my birthday in May. That would be a nice birthday present!

In the spirit of keeping the engine running, I have another freebie scheduled for Friday, March 23, my new science fiction short story collection, The Future, Imperfect. Then next week, Yseult will be free again for two days, March 26-27. At the end of the month, Yseult is going off KDP Select. I will be putting it up on Smashwords so that it will be available at B&N and iTunes and the rest as well.

Whatever comes of all this, it’s a fun ride. I hope everyone else is enjoying themselves in their endeavors too!

Becoming a writer again — switching from editing to writing

The last few weeks, months even, have mostly been spent either revising Shadow of Stone, or tweaking old short stories, formatting, and putting together collections. But for Shadow of Stone at least, an end is in sight. I wrote five freelance copy editors / proofreaders and have heard back from three. I should be able to make a decision on who to hire by the end of the week. Right now I’m going through the manuscript one last time in order to make a glossary, but of course I can’t resist tweaking as I go. 🙂

Once the book is off, though, I will have the time I was spending rewriting for writing again, which I am very much looking forward to. I plan to resist the temptation to put together another collection for at least a month so that I can get some languishing short stories finished. I also need to get back to my novel Fragments of Legend and finally finish that. Hopefully I haven’t forgotten how to actually make new words rather than shoving words around that are already there.

Reminder: my award-nominated novella “Looking Through Lace” is FREE today! Believe me, you’re doing me a favor if you grab yourself a copy, so please be my guest!

Leap Year Promotion: Yseult free for 24 hours, Feb. 29!

It’s starting to look like I’m addicted to these free promotions, doesn’t it? The truth of the matter is, they’ve been very good for my sales. With the exception of my story collection If Tears Were Wishes, everything I’ve offered for free with KDP Select has come out of the free promotion with a dramatic increase in sales. Five days after the free promotion for Dragon Time it is still in a couple of top 100 lists:

#35 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Anthologies
#91 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Fantasy > Historical

So anyway, if you didn’t get a copy of Yseult during the introductory promotion, here’s your chance to get it now. And please pass the word along! The more people who download and the better rankings it gets, the better it will be for sales when it goes back to paid.

Now, if I can only learn how to create sustained sales without going through this promotion gig every week or two. It’s a lot of work.

That isn’t all I’ve been doing, though. Over on the Codex Writing Workshop, they had a “subber” challenge, and I finally got some stories out into the cold cruel world again. Seven short story submissions in two days. And my “ready to send” list is still way to long. I have to do that more often, challenge or no challenge.

I also have only two more chapters left to go on this final editing pass of Shadow of Stone. I doubt if I’ll be finishing it tonight, though. I’m tired.

BTW, my story collections got some very nice reviews by Kriti Godey. She won a LibraryThing giveaway of Yseult and liked it so much she got all the stories I’ve put up for Kindle until now. Thanks again, Kriti! I guess this is what they call creating an audience base. It’s not an overnight thing; I have to give my target audience the chance to find me. But at least in the indie world I’m not going to get relegated to the remainder bin.

If Tears Were Wishes and Other Short Stories Now Available for Kindle

Time and the dark
Had come, but not alone. The southern gate …
Made now an entrance for three other men,
Who strode along the gravel or the grass,
Careless of who should hear them. When they came
To the great oak and the two empty chairs,
One paused, and held the others with a tongue
That sang an evil music while it spoke…

Edwin Arlington Robinson, “Mordred, A Fragment”

Ok, that doesn’t have anything to do with my most recent short story collection, but it’s the quote for Chapter 22 of Shadow of Stone, and it’s been sitting there in WordPerfect (yes, I know I’m a dinosaur) for days, mocking me, reminding me that I haven’t been doing any editing while I’ve been working on getting the latest collection up. But it’s also one of my favorite quotes among those I’ve used for my Arthurian novels. Especially this: “Time and the dark had come, but not alone.” I love that. It dances through my head at the most inappropriate times.

But anyway, back to what I should be writing about, my most recent ebook story collection, If Tears Were Wishes and Other Short Stories. It’s now available for Kindle at the unbeatable price of 99 cents! But wait! It can be beaten! February 16-17 it will be FREE, so don’t get it now, wait until Thursday and download it then. And please pass the word along. 🙂

I have another promotion coming up next week, my collection Dragon Time and Other Stories, which will be free from Feb. 22-23. That collection has been available for a while, but I recently unpublished it on Smashwords and enrolled it in KDP Select to take advantage of the promotional opportunities.

I spent most of my “writing time” today notifying various sites of the freebies, and in the days before that, formatting and getting If Tears Were Wishes up for Kindle. Which is why Edwin Arlington Robinson has been staring at me for so long, reminding me of how much I like that quote.

Given how busy I was the last few days, I also forgot to blog about a new interview with me on J. R. Tomlin’s blog. I did tweet about it, but it slipped my mind when I wrote my last blog post. I’d intended to include it mid-week, but that never got written.

Wish me luck on getting back to the editing! It’s an awful temptation to keep putting ebooks up, since the gratification comes so quickly. But eventually I will run out of previously published material and will have to get back to spending more time on new stuff. 🙂