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New Tale of the Rose Knights: “Snowfire”

A new Rose Knights flash fiction piece that I wrote with Jay Lake is up on DSF today, “Snowfire”:

nowfire should have been a cliche, with her brilliant face and her ways full of love and thorns. The Rose Knight of the Rose Knights, she strode the world wrapped in laughter and a charisma that could stun stone idols. She needed no sword for her battles. She could smile her way through walls and gates and brambled pits and talk the very monsters from their lairs, soothe the raging ocean, and humble the proudest men.
Snowfire’s colors were red-on-white, sanguinary and brilliant both in their scarlet repose. Bereft of her armor, sword and trappings of her station, she would have been a comely woman on the streets of any city. Imperious in her array, she was devastating to look upon.

Read the rest here.

Snowfire by Matt McKay
Snowfire (c) by Matt McKay. License: Public domain

First quarter goals for 2015

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has started it off better than me — I’ve been sick with a very irritating head cold. It seems to be slowly letting up now, though. I certainly hope so. I find it very hard to concentrate when my head is full of gunk.

Anyway, on to the first order of the year — stating my goals for this round! A number I will have to carry over from last year, but I did make a big dent in my publishing goals in the last days of 2014: I got Mars: A Traveler’s Guide, and Yseult, Part III: Two Men and a Woman published!


Yseult Part III

(BTW, the Mars story is free everywhere but on Amazon — I still have to get it price-matched.)

On to my updated goals!


– Write an average of 4000 words a week.

– Finish Facets of Glass

– Write 5 new short stories


– Write a report of the Villa Diodati workshop (finally!)

– Write a new installment of “Starting out as an indie author” every other week

– Update my book page (LONG overdue!)

Writing business:

– Write New Year newsletter for my subscribers

– Schedule upcoming promotions for my books

– List books with Babelcube & Noisetrade

– Publish last episode of Yseult

– Publish “The Shadow Artist” as ebook

– Publish Chameleon in a Mirror to Createspace

– Find reviewers for CIAM and Island of Glass

I hope everyone who reads this had a good time bringing in the new year and it turns out to be a very successful 2015 for all of you!