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Late on stating my quarterly goals, but with a good excuse

I’m in England right now, and have being visiting sites for the next novel of the Pendragon Chronicles, A Wasted Land. Today I’m heading off to the east coast of Suffolk for a wedding. Yay! Anyway, as a result, I haven’t had time until now to get my goals for the round sorted out. Woke up early this morning, though, so I figured I could get that done before heading off for the train to London.

Salisbury, where I am now


– Write 500 words a day, five days a week, for an average of 2500 words a week.
I’m going to start out on this one with a deficit, since at the moment I’m too tired in the evenings from running around to get any writing done. That’s ok. I’m seeing lots of cool sites that will feed into my writing. And when I get back, I’ll blog about it (see below).

– Write a detailed outline of Facets of Glass

– Integrate critiques from the Villa Diodati workshop into Recontact (novella with Jay Lake)

– Write 2 new short stories


– Write a series of detailed posts about the sites I visited and the research I did while here in England.

– Start a series of blog posts for beginning indie authors (per a friend’s request)


– Go through the edits of the translation project and get it back to the client.

Writing business:

– Submit Recontact (novella with Jay Lake) to traditional magazine markets

– Publish Island of Glass as ebook

– Publish “The Shadow Artist” as ebook

– Publish Chameleon in a Mirror to Createspace

– Publish more of my books to Xinxii

– Get Amazon to price match “The Leaving Sweater” for free

– Publish “Mars, A Traveler’s Guide” to Amazon and make it free

– Submit 10 short stories to traditional markets during the round

– Start marketing my ebooks again

Wishing everyone great luck with their goals this quarter!