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Increased word counts and Ygerna at the wedding banquet for #WIPpet Wednesday

With my last big promo push over, I’m happy to say that my word counts are steadily increasing. For the last week. I’ve been getting between 700-900 words a day written — with the exception of Saturday, which was the father-in-law’s 90th birthday. 🙂

The new year is getting off to a good start so far. The two book promos at the beginning of the month were very effective as well. I will post more on that in a separate marketing post for those who are curious.

With that brief update out of the way, on to WIPpet Wednesday. 🙂 This week I’m jumping ahead a bit, skipping the weather and the wedding and taking you to the banquet. Ygerna is seated between Gurles, her betrothed, and Bican, her brother-in-law, and feeling somewhat bored, while her little brother is playing with his nephew. I give you 16 sentence for the new year. It’s a bit of historical background, so I hope it isn’t too dry!

As much as she wanted to be regarded as a woman rather than a child, Ygerna could not help feeling a twinge of envy — she had to sit here and listen to political arguments.
Across from her, Vortimer was defending his father’s decision to enlist Germanic mercenaries in the fight against Pict and Erainn raiders. Since Ygerna had never seen Saxon mercenaries anywhere, she didn’t know what all the fuss was about.
Bican brought his fist down hard on the table. “Vortigern has given Hengist and his barbarians free run of Ceint! Tell me, what have they done for the kingdoms of Britain that would justify that?”
“They have pushed back Pict raiders all along the eastern coast,” Vortimer insisted.
“Truly? Anywhere that they have not taken over themselves?” Bican muttered. “And what of the western coast? Moridunum is now in the hands of Erainn pirates. What’s next, I ask you?”
“There will be no next,” Vortimer said. “My father is in Ceint even now to work out a better agreement with the Saxons. Soon our western shores will be free of invaders, I’m sure of it.”
With the conversation turning to events she was familiar with, Ygerna found her interest in the conversation picking up. “My sister wanted to have her wedding in Isca,” she found herself saying. “But my father wouldn’t allow it because of the threat of Erainn pirates. He said he had to be in Dyn Tagell.”

Attacks on fifth century Britain.
Some historical background for the above discussion, courtesy of Wikipedia

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