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Cover for first Alaska story, etc.

Chameleon in a Mirror is coming along nicely, despite all the cooking and harvesting around here at the moment (see my last post). It’s presently at 71,000 words. I’m consistently getting about 1,000 words a day done on the new version, pretty good for this time of year, with a fairly typical August tomato glut. What isn’t as typical is all the chili peppers we have this year. I already made jalapeno jelly, and it’s a big hit.

Jalapeno jelly and BBQ sauce

Next I will have to try pickled jalapenos. I did that last year; the whole chilis were strangely bitter and had to be tossed, but the sliced chilis turned out great.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time recently working on covers with my daughter, since I have several things scheduled for publication in the next month or so. And now I’m finally ready to share the first cover in the series “Tales From Far Beyond North,” set in fictional Rolynka, Alaska. My Alaska stories are magic realist, contemporary fantasy style stories, where the magic tends to be very subtle. So although the setting is contemporary, the series is very far removed from paranormal. 🙂

In the Middle of Nowhere With Company

What do you guys think? Our idea is that the top and bottom frames will stay the same through all the stories, just with varying colors, picking up on one of the colors in the cover image.

I’m tackling this series with a certain amount of trepidation, since the short stories are exactly that — short stories according to the literary definition of the term, none of them much longer than about twenty pages. I intend to only charge 99 cents per short story, and once I have several out, start bundling them, but readers of ebooks are notoriously unforgiving of works that are not novel length (as I recently experienced with Never Ever After.)

Speaking of which, my short collection of short stories, regularly only 99 cents, is FREE tomorrow and Tuesday. Do me a favor, and get yourself a copy. If you’re so inclined, please pass the word along!

Working on Chameleon and Covers

On the weekend, we took a short trip to the Mosel, which is why there hasn’t been an update from me for a while. I’m hoping to get some pics up soon so that I can give an illustrated report.

On the writing side, I’ve been making great progress on Chameleon in a Mirror, over 5000 words last week, and 3000 so far this week. Things are slowing down a bit now, though, because I’ve reached a section where I need to write completely new material — which I have not sufficiently brainstormed or researched yet. 😐 Tomorrow I have the granddaughters, so probably won’t get much done then either. They are off on vacation on Monday, though, so I need to get some Grandma time in before they’re gone for two weeks.

On the writing business side, today my daughter and I did some work on new covers this evening. Nothing I want to show yet, but I will eventually be posting some designs here on my blog. These are mostly for a series of magic realist short stories set in the fictional town of Rolynka, Alaska. My mother was from Alaska, and I grew up hearing all kinds of whacky tales of gold miners and honey-buckets and tundra and permafrost, and a lot of those second-hand memories fed into these stories. That and my love of the old show “Northern Exposure.” The first story is entitled “In the Middle of Nowhere with Company,” but that’s a bit long for a series title, so I was thinking of give the series the name “Tales from Far Beyond North.” How does that sound?

Hope everyone has a lovely rest of the week!